Reflection from Africa New Day Partner Visit to Irvine, Ca

Nov 15, 2023

Camille Ntoto speaking to OAS & TBCF teams in Irvine, Ca

Last week, The Braided Cord Foundation, alongside our parent company Omega Accounting Solutions, was privileged to host our partners from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Esther and Camille Ntoto, founders of Africa New Day, at our office in Irvine, CA. They shared their ministry’s vision and their personal stories of impact and hope with our team. This interaction was a powerful reminder that our partnerships are rooted in authentic connections with real people and their transformative stories.

During their visit, we conducted an interview with Esther and Camille, initially intending to extract soundbites for future use. However, the depth and richness of their insights were so profound that we decided to share the entire conversation.

Why is it crucial for us to amplify their voices and stories? We believe that by broadcasting their narratives, we can contribute to reshaping the understanding and practice of philanthropy and poverty alleviation. Relief efforts are undoubtedly critical, but they often represent a temporary solution. By diving deeper—seeking to understand and address the underlying causes of poverty—we can initiate meaningful, enduring change.

Camille and Esther articulately discusses how Africa New Day began its mission by focusing not only on immediate relief but by confronting and untangling the complex web of challenges that perpetuated poverty in their country. These challenges included the repercussions of sexual abuse as a weapon of war, famine, natural disasters, and political turbulence. This approach stemmed from a profound understanding of the origins of these issues within their community, transcending beyond crisis management to sustainable solutions. Their expertise in understanding the challenges in their community is why we focus on partnership and what makes us stronger and more effective in fighting this battle against global poverty.

We invite you to watch the video and be inspired by their story and their methodology for driving change in the DRC.