Reflection from El Salvador

Sep 15, 2023

War does horrible things to a country, to a people. A war doesn’t end when the fighting stops.  In the case of El Salvador the effects of the civil war which “ended” in 1992 can still be seen decades later.  The exploitation of natural resources has had a drastic effect on the economic opportunities for many Salvadorans.  The loss of much of a generation of young men, either to the war itself or the violence that has been endemic in its wake, has also had a profound effect.

But a new wave is coming to this beautiful country.  We are fortunate, at The Braided Cord Foundation, to be partnered with Fundación La Red.  La Red sees the opportunities coming to the rural coastal communities of El Salvador as their government seeks to capitalize on its new branding “Surf City”.

La Red has begun an English for Tourism program which will provide Salvadorans with the soft and hard skills necessary to find employment in an area of economic growth.  Opportunities exist and our partners are looking to provide training and support for members of marginalized communities.

We are investing in a strong partnership with individuals, families, and communities to fuel their potential for growth that until now has seemed impossible.