Coming Together to Strengthen Communities

The Braided Cord provides support, training, and opportunity to people from under-resourced communities.

What Makes Us Unique

We strive to empower people from disadvantaged communities to become self-sufficient through their own ingenuity and determination. We are working to break cycles of dependency by providing support, training, coaching, and opportunities that may otherwise be out of reach, enabling locals to build projects and businesses that continue to stimulate and strengthen their communities.

Our Work

The Braided Cord is currently partnered with La Red in El Salvador and Africa New Day in The Democratic Republic of Congo. Our desire is to help individuals and families in these communities gain access to economic opportunities that have previously been difficult to access. Through these opportunities, and the support of local organizations, individuals and families can flourish and make a lasting impact on their communities.

Our Partners

La Red Foundation

La Red received the generous financial support of The Braided Cord Foundation at a critical time in our foundation’s growth and change. We have been using the funds from The Braided Cord to fund the salaries, facility maintenance, and program costs to impact the lives of over 1,000 people in 6 months. We are funding new sections of English and computer classes as well as our community outreach programs. This funding also gave us the time we needed to build up our monthly donor base to keep pace with our rapid growth as an organization. Without the financial support and personal encouragement of The Braided Cord Foundation, this transitional phase would have been much more difficult or even impossible for us to accomplish. Thank you Braided Cord for your help. La Red is honored to consider you a partner in our work! – The La Red Team

Africa New Day

The Braided Cord Foundation and Africa New Day entered into a partnership in the 4th quarter of 2022. The goal is to empower men, women, and children to become leaders in marginalized communities. Our hope is to equip entrepreneurs and families to tackle Congo’s problems at the source, to help Individuals and communities flourish. A donation of $100,000 was received by Africa New Day from The Braided Cord Foundation to work towards this mutual goal.

The Current Impact: In the final months of 2022, Eastern Congo was thrown into a humanitarian crisis. We saw over 30,000 people displaced within 30 minutes of Goma, which faced the threat of siege and saw a major supply chain disruption. The need for relief was great and The Braided Cord Foundation helped by dedicating $50,000 of the initial donation, towards the crisis response. This helped strengthen the operations of Africa New Day (UJN), providing food for the staff and their families for one month and providing much-needed food and supplies for the displaced.